Young coconut cut top made in Vietnamess

Young coconut cut top made in Vietnamess

Summer is approaching. In a way, it’s already here because of Global Warming it seems. But school summer vacation is on the way. Yaseen is going to have 2 months long vacation where we will probably do the best out of it. Summer in India is harsh, especially in a place where we live. It’s very dry and dusty here. The temperature during the day can goes up to 44 degree, and the bright sunlight will melt off any sunscreen that you layer on your skin. Summer is my least favorite season. I always wonder why they don’t put school vacation in rainy season or winter. To me, that’s more practical because in rainy season you shouldn’t be traveling to school anyway, and in winter, the weather here is just perfect to be outdoor.

Though summer is my least favorite season, I love that I get to spend a lot of time with Yaseen. We will have a lot of outdoor activities despite the boiling temperature outside. And cooling summer drinks and desserts can make the hot weather bearable, not to mention all the juicy mangoes and other summer fruits that are going to hit the markets.

When I think of summer, I think of young coconut. Chilling coconut water is the best. It is very refreshing, filled with essential minerals and nutrients. Coconut water is such a summer thing, and we drink a lot of it in summer.

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Young coconut cut top made in VietnamessWhen I think of summer, I think of young coconut. Chilling coconut water
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